Our skills

Website design and build

This really is our bread and butter. Our team has been designing and building websites for well over 10 years and we still get just as big a kick as ever out of it. That is because no business, nor its challenges, are ever the same, and in turn, neither is our solution.

We scope and plan our projects meticulously and love watching them develop into fully realised pieces of work. We build on a series of platforms and will only use the technology that is appropriate for the job at hand. As Pete, our head of technology loves to say, ‘a small hole only requires a small patch.’

eCommerce development

Building an eCommerce site is by no means a simple task, but nor should it be. Your business is unique and so, therefore, should your digital strategy and presence be. Keep it simple, usable and effective. That’s why we use Magento to develop our eCommerce sites, as the flexibility it allows is simply astounding. At Creatica, we can guarantee that a closer look at your eCommerce strategy can dramatically boost your sales and generate an impressive return on your investment. Check out the work that we did for online retailers, Glass Boutique.

We will deliver a visually spectacular, secure and search engine friendly eCommerce website that will become a true asset to your organisation.

Social Media Strategy

The web has become an incredibly exciting social space, with everyone and his uncle blogging, tweeting and generally keeping us up-to-date. This can be empowering, but it can also seem daunting. Our team of experts will help to identify the channels where your customers, or prospective customers, are interacting, and help to create a thorough and durable strategy that relates to them. We are continually researching and analysing social media statistics and recognise that trends are all well and good, but what is hot today may not necessarily be tomorrow.

Search Engine Optimisation

We ensure that every website we produce has a carefully considered Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy to accompany it, utilising every natural search technique possible. We will consider the various search forms (local, image, video etc.) and steer our focus accordingly so that it fits your needs.

Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) is a very important and specialist discipline. We have worked with and formed strong relationships with many dedicated SEO specialists and agencies, and if the project requires, we’ll gladly bring in the big boys to deliver.

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